In Begins… With Spiders and Dark Cities and Disembodied Voices

The image of the the writer toiling alone behind reams of research and bent over the keyboard, talking to herself, may be rather representative of the whole… but not in this case.

Jonathan Wood and I have been friends since early 2008, when the boom of Twitter brought us together across the digital expanse. In the ensuing years we’ve shared a common appreciation of action movies, weird fiction, Dragon Age, and roleplaying games.

Over the years we’ve done our share of publishing, and even shared a few TOCs.

I’ll be honest that our workday conversations have been some of the strangest, but most appreciated, during some really challenging times. When we finally met in person in 2012, it wasn’t weird. I mean, it was weird, because we basically had the same kinds of conversations we’d been having over chat for the previous four years. We talked at length about the impact of Bioware on our writing, and our hopes for immersive games. We swapped stories about our kids. We caffeinated.

In what’s common by now, I had an idea. I sat it on it for a couple of days, and then finally asked Jonathan. What if… what if we did NaNoWriMo… together. What if we took a break from everything else and worked on a collaborative novel. Something weird and dark and not at all to the market. Something… fun.

That’s where this project appeared. Cry Blood in the Silent City is our first collaborative adventure, a spiderpunk weird adventure that takes place far, far away. We’ll be updating periodically here at Two Brain Space, and sharing exclusives behind the scenes into our collective madness.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.20.46 PM

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